Brand Name & Logo Research

Low-Mid Range Bridal

  • Low-mid range bridal logos from traditional bridal boutiques tend to use bright colours and combine lots of different elements (text, images, borders) to draw attention.
  • Common colours used are pink, blue, purple and black
  • Swirling graphics and curvy patterns are common.
  • Generally quite complicated logos, consequently quite hard to commit to memory.
  • ‘Bridal’ is nearly always present.



Independent Mid-Rand Bridal

  • High-street brands who have developed into bridal wear generally use the original brand logo and do not diversify into a new brand name.
  • Other independent bridal brands who cater for a more trend-led, unique demographic (compared with the more standardised styles available in traditional bridal boutiques) use a combination of styles from low to high end brands.
  • Font is more creative than designers brands, but less distracting than low end bridal boutiques.
  • ‘Bridal’ is not usually present.
  • Arrows are a common feature, depicting the arrow of Cupid and symbolising love, peace and hope.
  • Colours are mainly black, grey or neutral to remain easy to read and clear.






High-End Bridal

  • High-end bridal logos favour simple black text on white backgrounds.
  • Bold font
  • Usually all caps
  • Promotes the idea of elegance, quality and price indicative of high-end.
  • Small icon accompanied with logo to make text unique.
  • Brand names are usually after the name of a person.
  • ‘Bridal’ is not often included.





The new &OS bridal brand will fall in the category of mid-range independent boutiques, between the low-end standard bridal stores and high-end designer brands. Following their key trends and themes within logos, the new range will not include the word ‘bridal’, have elements of creativity and personalisation yet remain memorable and fairly minimalistic. In order to reflect the brand it will need to communicate romantic, feminine and classic connotations, this could be achieved through the style of typeface and/or using small symbols to accompany the text.


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