Brand Logo


  • Keep in mind the identity of the brand and the key themes to convey – romance, self-expression, femininity, ‘the modern woman’.
  • Important that the symbolism does not become overly cliche and ‘sickeningly’ sweet as GRACE is about the confident modern woman.
  • An illustrative style has been chosen to represent the ‘self-expression’ and artistic persona of the brand, thinner lines promote a sense of light femininity.


Heart – love

Arrow – cupid’s arrow – love, hope, peace

Swirls – feminine, romantic, elegant

Bird – ‘love birds’ – love, couple

Rose / flowers – love, beauty, peace, feminine, romantic

Botanical shapes – organic, natural




Initial Sketches

  • Using the french spelling of ‘grace’ with the accented ‘a’ promotes a more classic feminine theme.
  • Could use the accent to become a symbol of the brand – potential simplified logo for the future.
  • Finding a balance between classic elegance and modern femininity.



  • All caps text has a bolder impact and may suggest shouting, however, it does suggest confidence and maturity.
  • Lowercase appears more romantic and subtle, however, it does appear to be slightly harder to read in  handwriting fonts.


 Developed Sketches on Illustrator

Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 14.16.44



Final Logo Design



Logo design in combination with &OS logo, (to be used when connection with &OS is beneficial i.e. at sponsored events).


Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 14.17.23

This logo complements the brand’s themes and identity through its elegant and bold typeface and font, the arrow symbolises the idea of moving forwards in a relationship, and the rounded edges of the text showing femininity and calmness. The arrow artwork also promotes this brand as modern, with competitors also choosing to incorporate similar themed graphics. The design is simple enough to be easily recognised and remembered, and can also be used on a variety of formats without any issues. There is the potential for the logo to be simplified in the future, should the brand become highly successful, by utilising the arrow as an iconic symbol and perhaps just using the ‘G’.

The GRACE logo sits well with the &OS logo, and they can complement each other should one brand need to promote the other. By using a simple line to separate the logos, a clear distinction is made, yet it is clear to see the connections that the brands share.


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