Low-Mid Range Bridal Low-mid range bridal logos from traditional bridal boutiques tend to use bright colours and combine lots of different elements (text, images, borders) to draw attention. Common colours used are pink, blue, purple and black Swirling graphics and curvy patterns are common. Generally quite complicated logos, consequently quite hard to commit to memory. ‘Bridal’ is nearly always present.   Independent Mid-Rand Bridal High-street … Continue reading BRAND NAME & LOGO RESEARCH


Logo 1. Brand Name – Name of new line must be relevant to bridalwear, take into consideration direct competitors, be able to be easily translated to different cultures/languages should the brand expand internationally, and communicate: Femininity Romance Elegance Natural beauty 2. Logo Design – Design must communicate the core brand values and identity as stated in the Brand Guidelines, be memorable and take into consideration direct competitor logo … Continue reading BRANDING DIRECTION & TIMELINE


Suitability Is the &OS Bridalwear range a suitable strategic choice? The key aspects of combining quality products at an affordable price complement the current market trend for affordable bridalwear. GRACE’s strategy of combining classic trends, modern twists with a hint to feminity appeal to the target market and provide a stable aesthetic in terms of longevity, due to classic trends remaining a popular wedding style. … Continue reading JOHNSON & SCHOLES


Branding is one of the most important aspects of business consideration irrespective of sector or product (Davies & Ward, 2005). Therefore it is key to create a strong brand growth strategy which has a focus on branding in order to support the success of the new bridalwear line.   New Brand Goals & Objectives Goals Implement a re-branding strategy for the new bridalwear brand, GRACE. Create … Continue reading BRAND GROWTH


Strengths Strong brand image and consistent with online presence Quality products at accessible prices Trend influenced products with a hint to femininity Total brand includes a wide range of breadth and depth of product categories to create a whole ‘look’ from cosmetics to lingerie to outerwear Range of styles to accommodate for varied consumer styles and tastes Social media accounts active on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, … Continue reading SWOT: & OTHER STORIES


Brand Mission & Objectives &OS aims to create a shopping experience based on emotional relationships with clothing and style rather than the fad fashion trends. Pieces are carefully selected to be classic and of great quality and build a foundation wardrobe of timeless style which reflects the wearer’s personal style and taste, i.e. their story. Their objectives are to provide a comfortable, self-directed shopping environment where consumers … Continue reading INTERNAL ANALYSIS


PEST Analysis Political Brexit could increase commitment of marriages and reduction of family breakdown (Telegraph, 2017), which could signal a future rise in the number of marriages due to confidence in stable relationships and married life. UK workers being paid less than minimum wage to create clothing (Drapers, 2017), consumers are becoming more aware of malpractices in industry. & Other Stories must continue regular checks across … Continue reading EXTERNAL ANALYSIS