Goals & Objectives With reference back to the Brand Guidelines, it is clear that all goals and objectives have been met throughout this project. The re-branding strategy and 3D store simulation on SketchUp has been designed with appropriate VM choices made accordingly to the brand value, identity and positioning, as well as taking into consideration the market needs. The re-branding strategy has been communicated through the … Continue reading FINAL EVALUATION


Aims To create the same experience as a larger GRACE pop-up but confined to a smaller area. Ensure space reflects GRACE values and promotes experiential retailing – feminine, elegant, minimal, radiant. Utilise flexi-fixtures to show the agility of the concept. Even though the space is smaller, ensure consumer journey and experience is the same.   Components Platform blocks Overhead shelf rail T-Rail Styling Rack Mannequins Fitting … Continue reading AGILE STORE DEVELOPMENT


Materials Moodboard Materials must link back to brand guidelines and create a sense of natural beauty, light, modernity and femininity: Cultured marble (cheaper alternative to marble yet still durable and aesthetically very similar) (Countertops FAQ, n.d.) Plywood Reflective materials – gold metal, mirrors Plexi Wicker These materials will contribute to the experiential retail concept as they comprise of a wide range of textures and visuals, cool … Continue reading STORE DEVELOPMENT


My favourite floorplans (noted with a * ) exhibit either: Clear retail styled shopping area at the front of the store to draw consumers in and allow them to feel in a relaxed and familiar space, the consultation area is towards the back where the consumers can experience a more luxurious and special service. Clear journey path logically leading the consumer around all areas of the … Continue reading VM SKETCHES


Agile stores are about making retail more adaptable, responsive and nimble, it consequently makes retailers faster and more fashionable (Fitch, 2016). Relevant for the GRACE consumer as they are millennials and live their lives at an increasingly frantic pace, driven by new technologies and change  (Fitch, 2016). Retailers need to build agility into store design in order to respond better to rapidly shifting consumer trends … Continue reading AGILE STORES


The Role of Visual Merchandising ‘Good’ interior design within a store can maintain customer interest, encourage customers to lower their psychological defences and make a purchase (Kerfoot, Davies & Ward, 2003) The store environment influences a shopper‟s emotions and mood, which in turn influence the shopper‟s behavior. Factors such as lighting, color, music, scent, exterior store design can be controlled in order to create right … Continue reading VM RESEARCH


Reference was made back to the Imagery & Graphics post for inspiration and guideline standards for how to implement images and POS style. *All below images have been taken first hand.   Artwork POS Graphics The abstract art graphics were created with watercolour paints in similar colours to the GRACE scheme to provide consistency. The brushstroke and watercolour effect promote feelings of femininity and self-expression – the ideals … Continue reading POS MATERIALS