• Agile stores are about making retail more adaptable, responsive and nimble, it consequently makes retailers faster and more fashionable (Fitch, 2016).
  • Relevant for the GRACE consumer as they are millennials and live their lives at an increasingly frantic pace, driven by new technologies and change  (Fitch, 2016).
  • Retailers need to build agility into store design in order to respond better to rapidly shifting consumer trends and new technologies (WGSN, 2016).
  • Newly introduced stores are immediately relevant, however this reduces significantly over time due to the high demands of customers and  ever-changing retail concepts. It is important to think about new and different ways to engage the consumer to keep them interested (WGSN, 2016).

GRACE will employ agile retail due to its pop-up store concept, all fixtures must be able to move and transform according to different sized store spaces, and must be capable of displaying multiple products and allow flexibility.


  • The retail industry has rapidly embraced pop-up retail as a feasible distribution channel for reaching consumers, launching new products, and testing niche markets which is highly suitable for GRACE’s strategy in being introduced to the market (Rye, 2011).
  • Pop-ups are placed in smart locations that cater to the on-the-go-shopper or cover high-traffic tourist destinations, placing the pop-up in high-footfall areas in urban locations increases the opportunity to reach the maximum number of consumers (WGSN, 2014).
  • A ‘touch-and-try’ cross-merchandising strategy paired accessories and apparel together on shelving units giving shoppers a chance to interact with the product (WGSN, 2014).


Wall Dividers



Experiential Retail

Experiential shopping environments are often created by manipulating aspects of a store’s environment (Varley, 2005) – GRACE must consider various aspects such as scent, visuals and tactile textures to appeal to the multi-sensory experience of the pop-up.

  • Tactile furnishings will be present throughout the store from soft silk flowers to cool hard marble to natural textural wood, which will give the consumer a range of dimensions to engage with. Natural materials will be a key focus as research reveals that it decreases stress and improves mood (University of Minnesota, n.d.).
  • Scent will immerse a new dimension upon the consumer, with floral romantic notes of roses and orange blossom to communicate a romantic environment and have been proven to reduce stress which meets the objective of creating a calm environment, and also increases the likelihood of sales according to one study (Dobson, 2015).
  • Slow music can often cause shoppers to move slower around your shop, encouraging them to take their time shopping and buy more (Soundjack, 2015.) Consequently, the music played in-store will be soft and slow from an acoustic genre to provide a relaxed and pleasant environment.
  • A flattering warm light will be present in the fitting room area, giving a romantic and welcoming effect however, these warmer colour temperatures also create the feeling of a smaller space (Dextra, n.d.) though this could work in the brand’s favour by creating a more homely and cosy environment advocating a relaxed response.



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