• The imagery and photographic style must convey feelings and emotions of femininity, elegance and inspiration.

  • Emotion and mood using conceptual art and graphics in the chosen colour scheme is important – consumer does not need to see images of models, she uses her own mind to inspire her bridal look,  the right tone and emotion of the environment is more important.
  • Keep images and graphics minimal, calm, elegant, sophisticated, feminine and about self-expression.
  • Use brush strokes and rounded shapes to give the impression of softness, femininity and natural beauty.




For fabric highlights/product call-outs (e.g. 100% silk or exclusive french lace), background imagery can show photographs of materials.

  • Shots of fabrics should be close up and communicate texture and emotion.
  • Show movement.
  • Utilise light and shadow to create depth.



Layer text on top of graphic images – keep text short and simple, communicating with one or two words to establish minimalism and luxury branding.

  • Typeface must be: easy to read; clear; sit well with the logo, reflect femininity, minimalism, simplicity.
  • Full page graphics to communicate imagery instantly, supported by text.


  • Take inspiration from &OS in-store POS.



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