1. Brand Name – Name of new line must be relevant to bridalwear, take into consideration direct competitors, be able to be easily translated to different cultures/languages should the brand expand internationally, and communicate:

  • Femininity
  • Romance
  • Elegance
  • Natural beauty

2. Logo Design – Design must communicate the core brand values and identity as stated in the Brand Guidelines, be memorable and take into consideration direct competitor logo designs.


Pop-Up Store

1. Agile Store Research – To support development of pop-up and provide information on the success of the market.

2.Fixtures – Must coordinate with the overall look and feel of the brand, communicate VM standards which align with luxury bridal stores and also provide a comfortable shopping environment, align with colour scheme and hold special agile store features which allow high mobility and multi-functioning product display.

3.Product –  Apparel and accessories must be complemented by the store interior and be displayed in appropriate quantities which is balanced between the following extremes:

  •  A small quantity of items communicates a more luxury feel, however, may reduce the consumer’s comfort level – they might feel like they cannot interact with the product.
  • A high quantity of products communicates a lower-end retail shopping experience where consumers feel familiar however it is not regarded as exclusive or intimate.

4.POS Materials – Align with brand identity and values, utilise inspiration from luxury directional competitors with minimal POS to communicate a more high-end feel. Important to remember that all products in the range are at an affordable price – therefore there is less need to display pricing.

5.Smaller Store – To demonstrate the agility of the pop-up store concept, fixtures must be able to fit into smaller spaces and still communicate the same brand values/concept.

6. Animation – Video of store



Screen Shot 2017-04-16 at 10.24.31

  • Project hand in 5th May
  • Extra time has been left at the end of each month to allow for delays in the completion of actions.

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