• Strong brand image and consistent with online presence
  • Quality products at accessible prices
  • Trend influenced products with a hint to femininity
  • Total brand includes a wide range of breadth and depth of product categories to create a whole ‘look’ from cosmetics to lingerie to outerwear
  • Range of styles to accommodate for varied consumer styles and tastes
  • Social media accounts active on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pintrest
  • Consistently themed and visually appealing VM style
  • Unique style of VM encourages emotive shopping and promotes the idea of a  product journey.
  • Avoiding use of large, brash advertising, promotions and POS within stores allows a more high-end feel and does not create distraction from shopping experience.
  • In-store recycling program which offers 10% discount


  • Only 6 brick and mortar stores nationwide, online shopping experience does not covey the true brand concept of &OS – loses the emotive connection to products.
  • Target market demographic may be too wide, not specific enough.


  • Advertise in-store recycling program better
  • Take advantage of the growing number of high street retailers tapping into the bridal market, increasing market for on-trend affordable bridal wear  (WGSN, 2017).
  • Bridal wear market continues to expand despite economic and recession concerns, demand for bridal dresses in Europe is mainly driven by increasing sales in Germany, France, Spain and the UK (Global Industry Analysts, 2015).
  • Resale and up-cycling market is growing due to value-conscious consumers and increased awareness of waste (NARTS, 2017) – opportunity to create an up-cycled collection within product range.


  • Business flexibility is challenging high street retailers, maintaining consistent consumer experiences across all platforms, differentiating products, successful CRM (Sanderson, 2014).
  • Rise in retail prices due to Brexit – Plunge in UK Sterling and rising UK living wage will drive a 3% increase in retail prices. May affect consumer attitudes to spending (Financial Times, 2016) – could prove advantageous to high street retailers offering cheaper bridal wear.


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