Brand Mission & Objectives

&OS aims to create a shopping experience based on emotional relationships with clothing and style rather than the fad fashion trends. Pieces are carefully selected to be classic and of great quality and build a foundation wardrobe of timeless style which reflects the wearer’s personal style and taste, i.e. their story.

Their objectives are to provide a comfortable, self-directed shopping environment where consumers are not driven into buying loudly advertised specific products, but are accommodated into an all-inclusive styling experience where cosmetics complement clothing and jewellery is styled alongside footwear. &OS aim to provide quality products at affordable prices, which are marketed between sister brands H&M and COS, to provide the balance between low-end and premium high street.


Current Brand Target Market?

The current demographic are females aged 20-35, with a stable income, confident in their own skin and style, in a relationship and either living with their partner or looking to take the next step. She has a penchant for fashion and clean living, reads fashion and style magazines such as Elle, Vogue and Bazaar. She enjoys eating healthily and exercises regularly, in-between socialising with friends and family. Typically found working and living in the city, she is in the middle-class bracket which allows her to maintain a well-kept image. The base of her wardrobe inspired by pieces from &OS, Whistles and Zara, and the occasional splurge in higher end brands such as Michael Kors and Chloé for those extra special timeless pieces. She takes inspiration from current trends but knows what suits her and likes to put her own personal spin on the style, typically by incorporating a hint of femininity.


Current Brand Concept?

  • Modern, confident, creative, fashionable, individualistic, unafraid to express herself, feminine, meticulous (likes attention to detail in the way she looks)
  • Aged 20-35
  • Enjoys socialising in bars, dining out, minibreaks, reading fashion magazines (Elle, Vogue, Bazaar), healthy living.



Current Brand Features?

The brand features a distinctive VM style using natural materials such as; wood, marble, metal, cardboard. Minimalistic colours and patterns reflect the classic style of their products and create a non-distractive, minimalist approach to shopping the collection.

Emphasis on storytelling, and creating a journey throughout the store is promoted by product set-up and fixture display. Add on sales are advocated by clever product positioning and the emotive responses generated by innovative VM. Product groups are cleverly combined, such as cosmetics with bags or footwear with apparel, however they are combined in a way that remains clean and minimalistic so as not to bombard the consumer with items.




Current Brand Identity?

Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 14.01.04.png
Brand Identity Prism (Kapferer, 2012)


Current Brand Value?

Brand Equity Model (Keller, 1993)
  1. Identity

    Classic; stylish; attention to detail; confident, cool and feminine; emotive shopper.

  2. Meaning

    Quality products at an accessible price point; timeless style; easy styling shopping journey; successful confident women; intelligent and unafraid to express herself through speech or style.

  3. Response

    High quality; satisfaction; value for money; innovative; classic; relaxed; independent; creative; calm.

  4. Relationships

    Affiliation; inspiring; emotional connections formed between consumer and product.


Current Competitors?

Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 14.41.45
Brand Positioning Graph
  • Level competitors include Whistles and Weekday with similar price points and brand concepts of quality high street pieces made affordable.
  • Low-end competitors include H&M and Topshop with a focus on trends and the inclusion of limited edition boutique pieces which compete with &OS quality
  • High-end directional competitors include Reiss and Chloé with a higher brand reputation for quality and feminine staples with classic silhouettes.


Is it Innovative, Consistent, Relevant?

&OS is innovative in terms of its creative VM display and creating a distinctive and emotive shopping experience. Focusing on personal style and embracing the viewpoint of using clothes as an expressionist tool as opposed to wearing something for the sake of ‘fashion’.

The brand stays consistent and relevant by using current trends to influence their products and styling accessories, however always centres its designs around their values of quality and timelessness so as to appeal to the vast majority of their target demographic. Consistency is also present across their omnichannel platforms, with a similar minimalistic approach to visuals and layouts on their eCommerce and social media sites.



Kapferer, J.N. (2012). The new strategic brand management: Advanced insights & strategic thinking. (Online). Available at: (Accessed: 10 February 2017).

Keller, K.L. (1993). Conceptualizing, measuring, and managing customer-based brand equity. (Online). Available at: (Accessed: 10 February 2017).


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