& Other Stories has a very clean and distinctive Visual Merchandising (VM) style in their brick and mortar stores. Driven by their modern aesthetic, their store atmosphere is light, clean, and minimal with focus on materials and colours such as:

  • Light wood
  • Marble
  • Monochrome patterns
  • Reflective metals
  • Glass






Decorative plants such as cacti and palms feature throughout the store on all levels, low and high shelves, floor, and eye-level fixtures and bring a sense of freshness and life to the surroundings. They are displayed in non-fuss clay pots or minimal glass orbs which reinforce the minimalist aspect and divert more attention to the products.




Product hanging and placement is very liner with very no folded apparel, appropriate accessories such as shoes are integrated to create a ‘complete the look’ add-on styling product which coincides with the brand’s concept of providing an all-inclusive shopping experience. Bust form mannequins are used which allow more flexibility in terms of product styling and reinforce the clean and minimal look. They are positioned in groups of 1 or 3 to give a more pleasant aesthetic, and are used as a statement point in store to draw customer attention.




Light wood and white metal hangers are used to reinforce the store aesthetic, whilst lighting has a slightly warm tone and is evenly distributed around the store to create a pleasant environment. Point of sale (POS) and social media prompts are displayed throughout the store using small cards which give a playful, more casual vibe, and appear less intrusive, giving a more high-end high street feel.






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