The Role of Visual Merchandising ‘Good’ interior design within a store can maintain customer interest, encourage customers to lower their psychological defences and make a purchase (Kerfoot, Davies & Ward, 2003) The store environment influences a shopper‟s emotions and mood, which in turn influence the shopper‟s behavior. Factors such as lighting, color, music, scent, exterior store design can be controlled in order to create right … Continue reading VM RESEARCH


Reference was made back to the Imagery & Graphics post for inspiration and guideline standards for how to implement images and POS style. *All below images have been taken first hand.   Artwork POS Graphics The abstract art graphics were created with watercolour paints in similar colours to the GRACE scheme to provide consistency. The brushstroke and watercolour effect promote feelings of femininity and self-expression – the ideals … Continue reading POS MATERIALS


The imagery and photographic style must convey feelings and emotions of femininity, elegance and inspiration. Emotion and mood using conceptual art and graphics in the chosen colour scheme is important – consumer does not need to see images of models, she uses her own mind to inspire her bridal look,  the right tone and emotion of the environment is more important. Keep images and graphics minimal, … Continue reading IMAGERY & GRAPHICS


It is important that the typeface and font complement the logo and represent the core values of the brand. The typography must be: Clear Modern Feminine Light Classic   Typography Drafts Click to see larger view of Typography Drafting Of all the experimental types and fonts, it was important to look at how well the primary and secondary type will sit with the logo as well as … Continue reading TYPOGRAPHY


Competitor Inspiration A post from WGSN shows a variety of Pintrest accounts which act as sources of inspiration, it is clear that bridal trends do not change as fast as everyday fashion, therefore even though this information is from 2013, it can be noted as reliable. These accounts, though diverse in their looks and feels, all have common themes of femininity, pastels, florals, sheer fabrics, … Continue reading COLOUR SCHEME


Symbolism Keep in mind the identity of the brand and the key themes to convey – romance, self-expression, femininity, ‘the modern woman’. Important that the symbolism does not become overly cliche and ‘sickeningly’ sweet as GRACE is about the confident modern woman. An illustrative style has been chosen to represent the ‘self-expression’ and artistic persona of the brand, thinner lines promote a sense of light … Continue reading BRAND LOGO


Must be: Simple Memorable Communicate bridal Align with market – quality products at affordable prices Easily translated into different languages/cultures should the brand expand/become global Must communicate: Bridal Love Females aged 25-40 Feminine Understated elegance Organic Classic with a modern twist Quality Minimalism   From this mindmap of ideas, the stand out name is Grace. Simple, memorable, translatable. Also communicates the brand values of the … Continue reading BRAND NAME